If there’s a heaven…
Posted August 18 by Janice Kluge

August 13th was Cam’s birthday. I painted this image titled “If there’s a heaven...”  I am making a ceramic sculpture that will use a facsimile of this image painted with ceramic underglazes . This is watercolor on mixed media paper. I wish I had done it on watercolor paper as there is no tooth to this smooth paper.

Funny how sometimes you don’t see things when you are making them… as I was going to use the black and white figure on a white ground.  But when I decided to use a sunset image- that I took this year at the Langley family reunion.The sunset has become the 3rd eye, the rays are the nose, and the reflection under Tanzy is some weird mouth. I did not plan that and it is dada or surreal. I just wanted to get this image done because it was distracting me from my sadness on this anniversary of his birth.

Cam truly loved that beach as did Tanzy...

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